What is it that I am not sharing?

Bhawana Shrestha
2 min readNov 11, 2022


With beautiful mushy clouds, clear sky, and well-managed traffic DC have a lot to offer in terms of city management. At least for someone like me who lives in Kathmandu.

Well-furnished rooms, huge libraries, most expensive articles- you just hit a button and ask someone in a library to make it available for you, and you notice that it is in your inbox. What else do you want as an academician, at least for someone like me who has studied all her life in a Nepali education system, where access to resources has an issue.

The last six months feel like a dream for me sometimes like an academician because even when I started this year I hadn’t planned or even thought of anything that I am doing now. I wasn’t aware of what this side of the world would look like and how I would be welcomed with open arms by the people who lived here. So when I was done that it came as a pleasant surprise. As usual, I started documenting my emotions, my work, my adventures. I have been sharing almost everything that I am thinking and feeling.

However, last week, I was questioning the patterns of my reflection process and what I have been sharing. Keeping the ethical consideration that I have with me as a self-study researcher, I consider my privacy and safety and try to be as honest as possible. So last week, I thought of what are the feelings, the incidents, and the scenarios that I am missing to share.

Are they intentional? Or, are they something that I am actually overlooking?

Were they essential to share and if they were why wasn’t I sharing?

So, last week, I was pondering about that and we as a cohort were discussing it. What does it say about our values or about our context or the relationship that we have with ourselves and with others? How much should we be revealing or is there anything as such revealing?

All these questions are for me to think about and answer but for now some of the quick highlights of what happened last week.

  1. Celebrated my first Halloween
  2. Visited the Library of Congress and had my very first experience of having a tour guide. I learned I love exploring on my own more than having a tour guide.
  3. Participated in the annual welcome lunch of the new hires of Brookings



Bhawana Shrestha

Co-Founder, My Emotions Matter