Feminist Nepali श्रीमती (Wife) Tales: (Episode 1: जोइटिड्ग्रे श्रीमान-Henpecked Husband)

A few days back, I was having dinner with one of my recently made male friends. Our friendship is around two months old. He hasn’t met my husband yet. Whatever he knows about my husband is based on the pictures…

When I had first started writing the research paper for my Ph.D., I hadn’t quite thought that I would be presenting it on a global platform. However, I did it this week. I was a part of the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI) 2021 hosted by the University of…

On Intersectionality and Dis(Location) as a Woman: Reflections as a Mentor for OWN IT Nepal

For a very long time, I felt dislocated and disassociated as a woman when I shifted to Kathmandu nine years back. It was a cultural shock as well as an emotional shock. I was not…

Bhawana Shrestha

Co-Founder, My Emotions Matter

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